Martingale Betting

What is Martingale Betting?


Martinale Betting is a tool that improves the so-called martingale method, a betting system used in casinos that support money management, for Forex.

It is a support tool for 30 people who want to aim for a big profit.

Provide proper funds management by using it in sets with Binary FX.

* When using this system, please use TP and SL at 1:1.

Display screen description


You can use this tool with only 4 buttons in “” .


The following values are automatically changed when you enter win or lose. 


How to:


1. Set the first deposit. Open the “Parameter Input” screen by the same operation as the password entry procedure.


“Right-click” → “Indicators” → “Enter parameters” → “Changing” on the chart


2. Change the Base Bet value to the first deposit. The unit is “$(USD)”. This time, $1 will be the first deposit.


If you make the first deposit too large, your funds can get stuck when you’re losing streaks. It is strongly recommended to simulate in advance how much losing streaks can be tolerated.


3. The first deposit is reflected in the next entry.


4. If you enter “win” or “lose”, the amount of “next entry” will change and you will present the next deposit.

The above is the result of 10 times.

“Total profit $4 at 40% win rate, $1 next entry”.



Compared to Bacara Bettering, DatingLe Bettering is set to be very profitable. However, the risk is also high. Both are useful tools,
but try choosing the one that suits your funds and your game style.



How to reset

Reset all results, and reset to return to their initial state. It is a two-step operation to prevent mishandling.

If you select “Reset”, you will see “! Because it appears ,! ] to return to its initial state.