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Binary options in MT4...

Binary options in MT4...

Just decide “buy” or “sell” and press the button! !

No complicated operation required!

You can start from $1.



What is Binary FX?

Binary FX is a charting tool that can be realized in MT4 to trade similar to binary options that predict up or down.
It corresponds to any currency pair, and it only decides “bet amount” and “buy or sell” and presses the button. You can start with a small amount with a simple operation.
Avoid the risk of significant losses in pre-set trades with profits and losses. It is a tool that enables proper money management.

I can leave it unattended, so I can do it between jobs.

Thoroughly manage funds

Mentally easy


Easy to trade

When you operate the left control panel, TP (Take-Profit) and SL (Stop-Loss) are set automatically, so all you have to do is watch it reach either side.

The control panel is only two steps.


Step 1. Select betting amount from the next
step 2. Select “UP (buy)” and “DOWN (sell)” from

This is all you need to do.


Bet amount automatic calculation tool

We also offer an automatic calculation tool for betting amounts to enhance the total winning system.

The automatic calculation tool is a tool that is effective only because it is binary FX with a money management function that limits losses per transaction.
It automatically calculates and tells you the appropriate bet amount for the next trade when losing consecutively.

Just click win or lose and you’ll automatically calculate and display your total profit, win percentage, and how much you should bet ne
xt. It is a great tool that allows you to know the right bet amount even if you lose consecutively, and to further enhance the money management function of binary Forex.


Manage your funds properly and be a winning trader in binary Forex!

TRY at DEMO account!

The download packages below only work with demo accounts. Please note that it cannot be used with this account.

Advantages over binary options

High trans
parency Binary options, which have become a problem these days, trade in a closed territory of one trader, so the opacity is not wet, but binary Forex uses a very transparent trading tool called MT4.

If you think of binary optio
ns that make a profit of 50% or more with a payout rate of 1.88 times, the expected value will not be positive unless you have a win rate of about 53% or more. If you bet 1000 yen at 1.88 times and a win rate of 50%, the expected profit will be -60 yen. On
the other hand, in Forex, you can get a profit if you win more than 50%, that is, even once.

Even with the effectiveness binar
y options of betting systems, betting systems can be used, but with a maximum stake of around 100,000 yen, it is not suitable because it tops out much faster than Forex. In the case
of binary Forex, the bet limit can not be reached at the normal individual trading level. ※ It may b
e difficult to apply depending on the introduction funds

Product lineup

 Binary FX

Binary FX Super Simple

Funds management tools

 Martinale Betting

How to deploy the tool

Binary FX
Binary FX is classified as an automated trading software (EA). Learn how to deploy an EA.

  How to implement Binary FX

Fund management system
Fund management system is categorized as indicators. Here we explain how to introduce indicators.

Learn more about how to work with each tool

Binary FX

  Binary FX Super Simple

Fund management system

 Martingale Betting





The purpose of this service is to support transactions, and even if trouble or liabilities occur or damage occurs to the user or a third party, the Service will not bear any liability for damages or other liability in view of the fact that the Service is used at the user’s own responsibility.

Our frequently asked questions

Q. Can I use the system on my phone?

It can not be used with a phone. It can only be used on a computer (Windows). We are currently promoting the application.

Q. The text is too visible.

Depends on the scaling of the display.
Set the display to 100% from the settings. Also, the recommended resolution is “1920×1080”. For more information, click here.

Q. Can I run multiple charts of the same currency pair?

In principle, it will be one currency pair 1 chart.

Q. What should I do if it freezes?

Close the chart once and launch it again.

Q. Are there currency pairs not available?

All major currency pairs are available. It can
not be used in currency pairs that do not have cross yen.

Q. Even if you put a password, it will be displayed as a different password.

Please change your time and look at it once.

Q. All currency pairs are displayed as read.

Please display all currency pairs and change the time pair.

Q. TP/SL is not set.

The minimum interval for each currency pair is set by the Forex br
oker. Try expanding the settings Pips.

Q. TP/SL is set at a different number than the display.

Please operate with 1 currency 1 chart.

Also, do not operate until TP/SL is set after entry (about 1 second or less).