BinaryFX “SUPER SIMPLE” | How to Operate

What is Binary FX “SUPER SIMPLE” ?


Binary FX スーパーシンプル

The “SUPER SIMPLE” is a tool for making BinaryFX easy to use even for beginners, eliminating difficult operations as much as possible.

There is no difficult operation, just select “Set the betting amount” and “Up (buy) or down (sell)“.


Display screen description


A description of the terms displayed in the operation tool.

* You can manually switch between “TP Pips” and “SL Pips” on the “expert setting screen”.


Order procedure


Easy, 2-step ordering procedure.   


More steps

Change settings


Basically, it’s not what you need to work with. It is for expert who are familiar with operations and transactions and want to customize it a little.

All settlements


Close all positions in the same currency you hold (orders in trading).

It is assumed that it will be used to close all positions in a short time in an emergency such as a currency crisis.