MT4 package settings_En

MT4 package settings

1 Save downloaded MT4 package to C drive


We recommend downloading to C drive, but downloading it to your desktop is no problem.



2 Unzip zip files

*please select “Etract All…”, instead of “すべて展開(T)…” in the picture.


3 Open the extracted file and double-click “FXGiants” to launch it



Start-up complete


Set supplemental shortcuts


It’s a hassle to open the file to FXGiants every time, so it’s a good option to set the shortcut to your desktop.


Hover over FXGiants and right-click → “Create Shortcut”

 *please select “Create shortcut”, instead of “ショートカットを作成(S)” in the picture.


Copy shortcut icons and attach them to your desktop


 *please select “Copy”, instead of “コピー(C)” in the picture.


Installation completed